Professionalism3.bwJohn Hoffman will work closely with you to create the best products for your goals and budget.  Experts on graphics, market research, Web design, events and more will give you a full palate of options.

With John, you’ll be taking on a powerful blend of journalism, public affairs and management achievements backed up by a law degree.

Among John’s accomplishments:


  • Press Secretary to statewide elected officials in Illinois
  • Daily newspaper columnist and reporter
  • Chief communications consultant for international trade association


  • Supervised major public departments, transforming multi-million dollar operations to offer better constituent services
  • Political campaign manager and consultant
  • Public affairs director responsible for guiding outreach, legislation and public policy

Recognized excellence

  • Awarded honors from the Associated Press (First place, News), Local Media Association, Copley Ring of Truth, Illinois Press Association (First place, Features)
  • Effie Award for Advertising Effectiveness (2002, Bright Start)

Wealth of success

  • Appearances on CNN, PBS Newshour, numerous local TV markets
  • Portfolio includes thousands of successful news hits and comprehensive campaigns